The Pontoon Specialists on Buckeye Lake
Wintertime Phone 740-928-8234
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We have the supplies to keep you safe and maintain your boat.

 Please ask Jim for advice on any item.

    Safety Items
  • life jackets
  • required throwable floatation
  • flairs and distress flags
  • fire extinguishers
  • navigation lights
  • paddles and oars
  • anchors
  • rope
  • bumpers
  • boarding ladders
  • the 'right' oil for your engine
  • marine batteries, marine switches
  • fuel lines and fittings
  • gas line primer squeeze bulbs
  • depth finders, radios, speakers
  • gauges, propellers
  • cleaners, engine related chemicals
  • trolling motors
  • control cables, cup holders
  • replacement 'boat cover vents'
    Trailer Parts
  • dolly wheels, rollers, winches
  • wheel bearings, hubs, and tires
  • lights, light plugs, tie downs
    Engine Parts
  • Genuine Evinrude Parts
  • Genuine Johnson Parts
  • Genuine Yamaha Parts